A new Beginning Tai Chi Form Class (B1) will start Monday, January 15, 2018 and run from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Each session begins with Qigong and after 12 sessions (ending Monday, April 2nd) you will have completed the first third of the Yang Style Short Form.

Our Beginning Tai Chi Form Class (B2) is a continuation of the B1 class that ended in December and will introduce the second third of the Yang Style Short Form.  Classes will start Tuesday, January 16, 2018 and run from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm. Please feel free to join us if you have successfully completed a B1 class.

Each series costs $120.00 cash or check — your first B1 session is free to try out — no registration needed. Bring a friend and each of you will pay $90. Repeaters pay half. All classes are held at Cedar Manor on the lower South Hill – 918 South Cedar.


We offer beginning classes to get you started, and then a series of classes that further the teaching of the Yang Style Short Form, followed by push hands.

  • Beginning Tai Chi – Relaxing with Chi is designed to revitalize and energize you.  We will focus on tai chi principles through easy to follow movements, meditation and breath awareness. Included will be qi-gong and the beginning third of the tai chi form.  Each class is complete unto itself, but we encourage you to attend regularly if your goal is to learn the form. This class is also suitable for people who are recovering from injuries or have not exercised in a while and are looking for a gentle and easy start to restoring their health.

Classes are taught at Cedar Manor (see below). Please call if you need assistance.

  • Fundamentals is a deepening of our beginning classes. Now that you have learned the basic mechanics of the tai chi form we change our focus to the principles that make tai chi unique. This class is open to those who have completed B1, B2 or B3.

Logistics: Each class will energize you while providing tools that can easily be applied to your daily life. Wear loose clothing and bring some heavy socks to be worn instead of shoes. No special equipment is necessary. If finances are an issue we can make special arrangements — just ask.

Location: Cedar Manor is located at 918 S Cedar near 10th in Spokane. Travel south on Maple from downtown, turn left on 10th, and then left on Cedar. Park and walk through the gate. We are in a large studio behind the middle house on the west side of the street.

Contact: Please call us if you have any questions… often websites are not enough. 747-3715. Or email at information@TaiChiSpokane.com